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CellForm technology

CellForm is the solution for all conventional physical and chemical foaming processes in injection molding. KraussMaffei is a system partner for the MuCell process patented and marketed by Trexel. As such, KraussMaffei is capable of ideally matching process and machine technology.

Core features

  • Low part weight and lower material consumption
  • Excellent dimensional stability for low-warpage, accurately dimensioned components ­ reductions in the cycle time thanks to the low viscosity of a homogeneous blowing agent-melt mixture
  • Shorter cycle times thanks to significantly reduced holding pressure
  • Technology is available in all hydraulic and all-electric injection molding machines of KraussMaffei
  • Possible to upgrade existing machines


  • Complete solutions from a single source
  • No problems with interfaces
  • Inclusive rights of use
  • Plasticizing unit especially optimized for MuCell
  • Complete integration in MC6 control system

Your benefits

20 %

Weight reduction

40 %

Reduction in cycle time

Reduced material consumption

30 - 50 %

Reduced clamping force during the opening embossing and optimized components (depending on part geometry, materials, tools and foaming degree)

Elimination of holding pressure


Consumer goods

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