PX configurator

PX series

All-electric injection molding machine: Power meets flexibility

PX series

APC plus

  • Zero-defect production
  • Compensation for troublesome fluctuations in the manufacturing process during injection molding even faster and with greater precision
  • Ideal for cascade injection molding

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Optimized clamping unit design

  • Mold fixing platens with generous dimensions
  • More flexibility for mold use
  • Options are available to expand certain attributes, such as the mold installation height
  • Lower investment costs thanks to modular design
  • Maximum platen parallelism

Integrated servo hydraulics

  • Servo hydraulics for injection unit and ejector movements are integrated into the machine
  • Optional: Supply of hydraulic core-pulling, cascades and needle shut-off nozzles
  • For special cases, the capacity of the hydraulic unit can be increased further – all within the machine with no external components

Optimized free space

  • Generous free space below the clamping unit for integrating conveyor belts
  • Optimal utilization of the production space

MC6 control system

  • 19''-Touch-screen
  • Optional: 24''-Multitouch-screen
  • Simple and clearly arranged operation
  • SplitScreen and Eco function

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Flexible control cabinets and power control cabinets

  • The highest safety standards
  • Space and capacity reserves for retrofits
  • Efficient energy management with recuperative mode

Injection unit

  • Flexible combination of injection unit
  • High injection capacity
  • Optional: more injection speed
  • Optional: more nozzle contact force
  • Increase of screw drive capacity available
  • Optional: double the injection unit speed of any PX to 100 mm/s


  • Great selection of ejector versions between robust hydraulic standard ejector and precise electric ejector
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Large ejector stroke provides a great deal of flexibility for any mold
  • Perfect accessibility
  • Optional: increase of ejector force of 50 %
  • Optional: in order to optimize the removal of free-falling parts, the ejector speed can even be increased by 100 %.

Core features

  • All-electric clamping unit
  • Clamping force range of 500 to 2,000 kN
  • Individualized combination of injection and clamping units
  • Many additional equipment and retrofitting options available based on individual production requirements



  • Wide selection of clamping and injection unit combination thanks to the split machine bed
  • Enlarged mold fixing platen: adaptation without purchasing the machine with the next level of clamping force
  • Wide range of screws and nonreturn valves – even for high-temperature and
    high-performance versions (HPS)


  • Absolute platen parallelism is guaranteed for high mold weights thanks to the rolling linear guide
  • High reproducibility and accuracy


  • Mold fixing platens with generous dimensions for flexible use of molds of various sizes
  • High availability and a wide range of applications
  • High-precision dynamic drive technology


  • Intelligent energy management with an extremely small amount of energy under all load and application conditions
  • Lowest energy consumption thanks to maximum efficiency

Ease of use:

  • Ergonomic thanks to the optimal working height
  • Perfect accessibility thanks to the wide design of the moving platen
  • Removable housing elements for perfect accessibility
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Your benefits

60 % energy recovery

Servomotor recuperative mode

Height of the center axis: 130 cm

Ergonomic thanks to the optimal working height

100 % flexible

Customized retrofitting

Extra-large platens

Flexible use of molds of different sizes

50 % increase in ejector force

Flexibility thanks to a large selection of ejector variants

100 % increase in ejector speed

Numerous ejector variants

70 % cooling load reduction

Reduced water requirements due to low conversion losses

30 % batch savings

HPS-M screw in combination with the non-return valve

80 % reduced frictional resistance

Rolling linear guides for power transmission




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