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SilcoSet technology

Liquid and solid silicone processing with SilcoSet technology on the CX and PX series. KraussMaffei provides you with the suitable machine technology for the manufacturing of complex components.

Core features

  • Special screws, nozzles and cylinders, perfectly designed for the special features of silicone processing
  • Precise temperature control in the barrel for preventing premature cross-linking reactions
  • Special nonreturn valves, coordinated to the respective material specifications
  • Perfect


  • Support using our process expertise and machine technology for individualized requirements
  • Lightweight, retroactive conversion from silicone to thermoplastic processing
  • Compensation of batch fluctuations and differences in viscosities with innovative process control
  • Water-cooled, pneumatic needle shut-off nozzle for reliable material feed for each shot
  • Cleanroom-compliant, particularly suited for medical technology applications
  • Combination option with the multi-injection technology in the Z, L or V position for manufacturing composite parts and maximizing added value at the same time

Your benefits

up to 256 cavities

Precise shot weight consistency

Absolute platen parallelism for a well-sealed mold

╠┤~ 0.01 %

Minimum shot weight variation thanks to APC

0.03 g with 32 cavities

Very small shot weights are possible, even under 1 g


Medical technology
Technical parts
Consumer goods

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