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Compression Resin Transfer Molding (C-RTM)

For the C-RTM process (compression resin transfer molding), the resin mixture is fed into the mold when it is slightly open instead of closed. Thus the mold is not completely closed during the feeding. Consequently, the preform is already partially saturated by resin. The feeding is followed by a compression stroke, which presses the resin through the preform, causing it to become completely saturated.


  • Lightweight components for challenging product specifications, approx. 50% lighter than steel
  • Paintable components for visible applications
  • Can be fully-automated and is suitable for series production (from preform production to post-mold processing)

Core features

  • Virtually unidirectional reinforcement with endless fiber
  • High-pressure technology allows the use of fast-curing systems
  • High fiber contents of up to 50 percent


Roof (visible carbon)
Roof (visible carbon)




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