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Insulation foaming for refrigerators

Domestic or commercial refrigerators, freezers , blast chillers, refrigerated showcase or thermoboxes have all one thing in common: they need perfect insulation to guarantee quality and reduce energy costs. Our foaming equipments can handle all dimensions for cabinets and doors ensuring top quality foaming and dimensional stability.


  • Various degrees of automation to meet every customer’s cycle time requirements
  • Long life components to make the investment highly profitable
  • Flexibility and versatility of the equipments
  • Dimensional stability for quality aspect of the products
  • In-house design for tailored solutions
  • Extensive expertise and know how based on long term experience

Core Features

  • Cabinet foaming fixtures for door up and door down foaming with automatic loading and unloading systems
  • Cabinet foaming lines up to 20 fixtures with complete handling system from pre-assembly line to final assembly line
  • Pre-heating ovens with various heating systems (electrical, natural gas, hot water)
  • Cabinet Loading/unloading shuttles with speed up to 150 m/min
  • Fully electric cabinet foaming fixtures with automatic adjustment of side walls as well as top wall
  • Cabinet foaming fixtures with zero changeover time
  • Door foaming equipments with drum and carousel or conveyor system, for open or closed mould foaming
  • Door foaming equipments with productivity up to 12 s./pc.
  • Advances control systems with production parameter monitoring and data record


Industrial or household refrigerators, cold-air freezers
Industrial or household refrigerators, cold-air freezers
Freezer cabinets
Ice boxes
Display refrigerators
Display refrigerators


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