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More speed in pultrusion: further development of the pultrusion process offers more productivity and efficiency for straight and bent profiles.


More speed in pultrusion

In the pultrusion process, fibers (e.g. glass, coal, basalt, aramid fibers) are pulled off from a fiber rack and pulled across fiber guides through the injection box using an extractor device.

The metering machine heat-balances and mixes the matrix material (polyurethane, epoxy or polyamide systems) in a mixing head in optimal process technology conditions and conveys the mixture into the injection box.

In the injection box, the fibers are saturated with an optimum level of highly reactive matrix materials at an inner pressure of 5 to 100 bar. Then, the final shaping and curing of the profile takes place in various heating zones within the mold (e.g. 100 to 250 °C).

They can either be removed using an electro-pneumatic extractor device or a belt/crawler haul-off.
Then the profiles are cut to the desired length using a saw and can be wound or prefabricated.
The higher-level system control regulates the process technology parameters and the haul-off speed.

KraussMaffei and its partner network are continuing to develop pultrusion technology by taking steps such as increasing the haul-off speed significantly without negatively affecting the required high quality standards.

Features of pultrusion profiles (depends on the matrix system and fiber type)

  • Significant weight savings with high mechanical characteristic values
  • Low heat conductivity and high electrical insulation properties
  • Simplified use and low transport costs thanks to weight savings
  • Resistant to material fatigue
  • Resistant to chemicals and corrosion


  • High haul-off speed of > 3 m/min: increase in productivity and efficiency
  • System provider for turnkey pultrusion lines (including injection machine)
  • Partnership with Thomas Technik for industrializing the patented radius pultrusion technology
  • A global leader in systems and process expertise for highly reactive matrix systems (polyurethane, epoxy resin and polyamide)
  • Global sales and service structure
  • Global fiber composite network for consultation and support from the concept all the way to series production
  • Close collaboration with renowned partners from the chemicals industry during development


Radius Pultrusion: curved profiles
Radius Pultrusion: curved profiles
Radius Pultrusion: mechanical engineering
Radius Pultrusion: mechanical engineering
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